Can Dogs Eat Apples?

May 2, 2016

Apples are a sweet and healthy treat for humans, but can dogs eat apples? It turns out that they can, as long as you keep a few essential guidelines in mind. Read on to learn more about how you can share a healthy snack with your four-legged friend. Many dog owners are leery of giving […]

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How Dogs Improve Your Health

April 14, 2016

They say that a dog is man’s best friend – and for good reason. Anyone with a dog knows how cute, cuddly and loveable these furry, four-legged creatures can be. Dogs are more than just our best friends, however. Sure, these loyal critters stand next to us to keep us company, help us feel protected […]

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What Breeds Make Good House Dogs?

April 13, 2016
What Breeds Make Good House Dogs

Some dogs are extremely independent, relying on their people for food and the occasional affection. That’s not the case with these good house dogs. All these lovable pets really want is to be with their favorite people, and that means staying in the house. If you don’t want a pup that would rather be by […]

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How Long Do Dogs Stay Pregnant?

April 11, 2016
How Long Do Dogs Stay Pregnant

If you recently found out that your dog is pregnant, then you probably have a number of questions. Chief among these is, “How long do dogs stay pregnant?” Many people assume that dogs, being mammals, may have a relatively long gestation period like humans. However, the average time that a female dog is pregnant is […]

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What Are the Best Pit Bull Toys?

April 8, 2016

Anyone who has ever lived with a pit bull knows how much they love their toys and how hard they can be on them. Give your pit bull a cute, stuffed kitty, and it will be reduced to a pile of fluff in seconds. The answer isn’t to stop buying your pup toys. Instead, it’s […]

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Baby Shampoo for Dogs – Yes or no?

April 7, 2016
Baby Shampoo for Dogs

If your dog is like most, then he probably loves to get dirty. Frolicking in the mud, trekking through dense shrubbery and rolling in something stinky he discovered in the yard are likely among his favorite pastimes. This means that your dog’s hair can get dirty and matted pretty quickly. On top of that, dogs […]

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What Is The Best Dog Food for Small Dogs

April 4, 2016
What Is The Best Dog Food for Small Dogs

If you have a small, toy or miniature breed dog, it stands to reason that you probably wouldn’t feed her the same food that you’d give to a mastiff or a great dane. After all, she’s so much smaller than those breeds that it only makes sense that her nutritional needs would differ from theirs. […]

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Best Dogs for First Time Owners

April 1, 2016
Basset Hound

If you’ve recently made the decision to become a dog owner, then this is an exciting time for your family. Dogs offer affection, companionship and playfulness to every member of the household. Of course, all of those positive aspects have to be balanced against the responsibilities that also come with dog ownership. Striking the right […]

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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Pomeranian Husky

March 25, 2016
Pomeranian Husky-pomsky

The Pomeranian husky, affectionately known as the pomsky, is one of the newest and most popular designer dogs. Accordingly, people who want to add a pomsky to their family are likely to pay a premium Pomeranian husky cost. This makes it essential for prospective Pomeranian husky parents to be fully aware of what they are […]

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Best Dog Food for Boxers

March 22, 2016
Best Dog Food for Boxers

If you have a boxer, then you probably love his fun, energetic personality. This large breed is fantastic with families, and is always willing to keep the kids playing in the yard for hours on end. Pet parents who want to make certain that their favorite boxer stays healthy and active well into his golden […]

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