15 of the Most Loyal Dogs

One of the most prized characteristics in any pooch is its capacity for loyalty. In fact, dogs have been bred over the centuries to capitalize on their instincts for devotion. While all dogs have the capacity for staunch faithfulness, some just seem to have it more than others. This can be a particularly desirable quality when you’re looking for a dog who will work overtime to protect you and your family. Let’s take a look at 15 of the most loyal dogs.

loyal dog breeds

1. Rough Collie

You know how Lassie was always depicted in movies and on television as being extremely smart and loyal? It turns out that there is a lot of truth to those fictional depictions. Collies are intelligent and extremely devoted to their families. They interact well with children and other pets, making them an ideal addition to practically any household. Collies need moderate amounts of exercise and should probably be brushed at least once every week or two. With a life expectancy of about 12 years, you’ll have lots of time to enjoy your collie’s loyalty and companionship. Collies tend to be sturdy and healthy. With a good diet and adequate exercise, you and your put will form an unbreakable bond.

2. Great Pyrenees

This gentle giant is a loving and devoted companion. Pretty nearly every member of this breed lives with just one goal in mind: to protect. This ensures its unshakeable loyalty to its family in every situation. He has the steady temperament that makes him the perfect companion in any circumstances, especially when danger is afoot. In fact, you might find him becoming very protective of you, your house, your yard, your children and pretty much everything else he comes into contact with. They are extremely friendly, getting along well with other pets and children. Great Pyrenees can shed quite a bit, so it’s important to keep up with regular grooming. Also, early, strict training is an absolute requirement, otherwise the Great Pyrenees can become aggressive or may be overly fearful of strangers.

3. German Shepherd

There is a reason why law enforcement organizations around the world choose the faithful German Shepherd to become members of their force. The typical German Shepherd combines courage with plenty of devotion. It’s an ideal combination if you’re looking for a dog that will care for your family as faithfully as you would yourself. A member of this breed, when well trained, will be extremely affectionate, getting along well with children and other pets. They are generally not welcoming of strangers, and will probably look to owners to determine whether or not an unknown person should be allowed to approach. Socializing a puppy with many different groups of people and situations can help to keep her generally suspicious tendencies in check. Keep in mind that this is a high energy dog that needs quite a bit of exercise and occupation. Without it, she may tend to chew on household items.

4. Beagle

Merry and active, the beagle is also a devoted and faithful companion. They grow very attached to their families within a short amount of time. Because they are a pack dog, they like to have a sense of the hierarchy in their group. Regardless of their place within it, they will be loyal to the other members of the pack above all else. This makes them good companions for children and even other pets. Before you take a beagle into your home, it’s important to understand that he is very much a scent hound. This is thanks to centuries of breeding to locate small prey. It’s a trait that serves beagles well as they perform all sorts of jobs searching for contraband in airports and as drug sniffing dogs. However, this is also a tendency that can lead them astray. They find an interesting smell and are compelled to follow it regardless of other considerations. This makes training especially important.

5. Shetland Sheepdog

Often called a Sheltie, this breed was once primarily responsible for protecting farms on the Shetland Islands, which are located along the coast of Scotland. In accordance with their breeding, Shelties tend to bark at the slightest sign of disturbance or the approach of a new person. Good, early training can largely counteract this tendency, which is really just a manifestation of this breed’s loyal, protective nature. They love to be around children, and you can depend on them to offer unswerving devotion. Shelties are willing to please and intelligent, making them easy to train. However, they are smart enough to become easily bored, so be ready to provide plenty of stimulation.

6. Doberman Pinscher

If you want a dog that is willing to protect your family when the chips are down, then a Doberman may be for you. They tend to be affectionate and exuberant with family members, including children. However, they are known for not tolerating other dogs particularly well. They don’t shed a lot and are easy to groom, which many owners find to be a definite plus. Of course, the real incentive for choosing this breed is the level of its faithfulness. They have a reputation as fearless watchdogs, and this reputation is well deserved. Family members can trust that their Doberman will protect them and warn them of approaching danger while displaying a gentle and loving nature to well-known people.

7. Kuvaz

This large, white dog is big enough to make most predators think twice about approaching. That’s why this Hungarian breed was used to protect and defend flocks of sheep in its native Hungary. This tendency is what makes the Kuvaz such an excellent choice for people who are seeking a particularly devoted companion. Kuvaszok dogs tend to be suspicious of people they don’t know. They may go on the alert if they spot an unknown person in your yard. However, many owners prize this tendency. They are known for being especially loyal and intelligent, but they are also independent, which can present training challenges.

8. Saint Bernard

This big dog is one of the friendly dog breeds and is very good at keeping strangers at bay. Saint Bernards developed their capacity for loyalty over many generations as they guarded the Hospice Saint Bernard in Switzerland. Today, they put that devotion to work for their family. These dogs are quiet in the house, though they are known for creating a bit of a mess. Their wonderful sense of devotion usually compensates for the messes they tend to leave behind.

9. Yorkshire Terrier

If a small dog would fit better with your lifestyle and you’re looking for a wealth of loyalty, then a yorkie is your dog. This extremely popular toy breed seeks constant companionship and offers its utter devotion in return. He’s not the right dog for you if he’s going to be expected to spend long stretches at home alone. However, his full-grown weight of just seven pounds makes him the ideal dog to take with you everywhere you go. Now that is total devotion.

10. Labrador Retriever

A faithful companion no matter where you roam, a devoted lab will always want to be with and take of her family. Labs just might be the most popular dog in America, and there is good reason for this preference. These dogs are affectionate with and devoted to their human caretakers. Both kids and other dogs will easily fall into their circle of loyalty. Labs are known for being especially people oriented, making them among the most loyal dogs.

11. Akita

Akitas have a royal lineage in their native Japan. In fact, early members of the breed were assigned to protect the country’s royal family. Today, they are more likely to be loving and devoted members of average families. As might be expected from a dog that was once responsible for guarding royalty, Akitas are large and protective toward their favorite people. They’ll be especially sweet and affectionate with them while also warning others away.

12. Golden Retriever

Goldens will put up with just about anything if it means being able to spend time with their human companions. Their good-natured tolerance makes them the perfect addition to a family with children. Though they will put up with quite a bit from the family’s kids, they are extremely unlikely to put up with anyone who tries to mistreat the kids. Exceptionally loyal and devoted, the golden retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. They genuinely love the people who care for them, making them an especially appreciative and devoted companion.

13. Brittany

A Brittany is just an all-around good dog. They are affectionate and loving with children and adults alike. They far prefer being with the members of their pack as opposed to being left alone. With their medium size, Brittanys are a good choice for people seeking a loyal dog that is neither too big nor too small. However, be aware that these dogs have an excess of energy. If you lead an active lifestyle, then a Brittany could be your ideal companion. If your idea of a fun day is lazing around on the couch, your Brittany will still be devoted, but he will also be bored.

14. American Staffordshire Terrier

Known for their absolute devotion to their owners, American Staffordshire terriers are always eager to please. They are sometimes called Staffordshire bull terriers, but regardless of what they are called, they are fiercely loyal to their human pack. This includes children, and if you are looking for a dog that will be completely loyal to your children and protect them, then this may be the dog for you. Staffordshire terriers are small- to medium-sized dogs who are surprisingly sweet and loving, completely belying their rather fierce and certainly muscular appearance.

15. Skye Terrier

A medium-sized dog known for being especially affectionate with its human companions, the Skye terrier makes an excellent addition to any household and is considered one of the most loyal dogs of the planet. They are open, playful and affectionate with people who are well known to them. However, they tend to be standoffish with strangers. They do warm up fairly quickly if the new person shows that they aren’t a threat by letting the terrier make the first move. He’s devoted to his people, and he certainly expects to receive similar attention and loyalty. Be ready to involve this dog in everything you do.

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