Beagle Lab Mix

An excellent family dog with a fun and loving personality, the beagle Labrador mix is a welcome and energetic companion. Whether you call him a beagador, a labbe or a labeagle, you’re certain to fall in love with this pup. He’ll be devoted to you for a lifetime, and you won’t be able to do any less for him.

Beagle Labrador Appearance

The labbe is a perfect amalgamation of its parents. It has the head and short coat of the beagle. Tricolor members of the breed are not uncommon, though they tend to be Labrador, rather than beagle, colors. The dog’s height is usually closest to the height of a beagle while its body is longer like a lab’s. Usually, they weigh between 25 and 40 pounds and are approximately 19 to 24 inches tall. Gifted with the beagle’s soulful eyes, these medium-sized pups are bound to steal your heart.

Where Does the Labbe Come From?

This “designer” dog is an American original, though no one is certain who first decided to mix the beagle with the lab. Still, both of these breeds are perennially popular and have some traits in common, so it may have been just a matter of time before someone took the leap. This mixed breed has quickly spread around the world to bring joy to homes everywhere.

Temperament and Personality

Both beagles and Labradors are generally known as intelligent breeds. Their mixed offspring is no exception. These incredibly smart dogs are easy to train, and they adore pleasing their people. They may retain a bit of the beagle’s stubborn streak, but this is generally well-tempered with the lab’s more adaptable personality.

Labbes can be superior hunting and retrieving dogs because they combine the beagle’s tracking skills with the lab’s retrieval skills. These tendencies, combined with their curiosity and their love of the outdoors, makes these lovable dogs the ideal companions for just about any adventure.

The beagle Labrador mix is fun loving. They thrive on positive attention from their people, and their sweet, gentle natures make them the perfect playmate for children of all ages. As friendly as they are, these dogs are also incredibly loyal and watchful. Strangers tend to make them wary, which means that they are adept watchdogs.


Training a Beagle Labrador Mix

These smart dogs are certainly capable of learning any number of commands and tricks. They can also perform extremely well in agility, dock jumping, field trials and other dog sports. However, it is imperative that the dog’s owner begin with basic training that is patient but firm. This is because the labbe tends to have a shadow of the beagle’s stubborn streak, which may make them reluctant to obey unless they fully recognize their people as “top dog.”

Not all labbes are this stubborn. The majority of them are more easygoing. This, combined with extreme intelligence, can make them easier to train. It’s advisable to get an early start at training and socialization. Additionally, people who don’t have much experience with training may find that it’s sensible to seek a professional trainer who can guide them through the process so that they end up with a well-behaved dog that is incredibly easy to live with.

Activity Levels for the Labbe

Both beagles and Labradors have a reputation for being active dogs. It follows that their mixed puppies will also be high energy. Accordingly, a household where there is always something going on is ideal for these dogs. Leaving them home alone for several hours a day isn’t always a good idea as this may lead to problem behaviors like chewing and digging. Some beagle-Labrador mixes have been known to resort to howling as a means of passing the time.

If you need a dog that can be content without much stimulation for much of the day, then the labbe may not be for you. Alternatively, you could seek a doggy daycare situation where your pup could get the socialization and exercise he needs even when you can’t be with him.

Keeping your beagle-Labrador mix occupied does more than discourage problematic behaviors. It also prevents him from gaining excessive amounts of weight. This pup’s beagle and Labrador parents each have a tendency toward being overweight when they are not sufficiently active. That’s bad news for a beagle lab mix who doesn’t get enough exercise, so you can see why an active household is such a necessity for these pups.

Labbes love just about any kind of physical activity. Going for walks, hikes or jogs is always a favorite, and so is going to the park for a game of Frisbee or fetch. Swimming can be a fantastic exercise for a beagle lab mix. Coursing and hunting are popular. Some of these pups get the exercise they need by training for agility events while others burn their excess energy by running around in the yard with the kids. There’s really no end to the options when it comes to finding physical activities that will appeal to the beagle-Labrador mix.

Grooming the Beagle Labrador Mix

If you’re looking for a pup that doesn’t require much in the way of specialized grooming, then this may be the perfect dog for you. The labbe boasts a short, dense coat that doesn’t shed overmuch. This means that you only really need to brush him about once a week to keep him looking his best and to hold shedding to a minimum. How often you bathe him really depends upon how much time he spends outdoors and what he gets into while he’s there. The more exposure your pup has to the outdoors, the greater his opportunities are for coming into contact with potentially harmful pests and irritants, which may necessitate more frequent bathing.

While it is possible for owners to trim the nails on some dogs, this is generally not recommended on the beagle-Labrador mix. This mixed breed’s nails tend to grow long like the Labrador’s do. However, they may also get worn down by the pup’s activities, which means it isn’t always easy to tell how much should be trimmed. This makes it sensible to have the labbe’s nails attended to by a professional to avoid cutting the quick.

Labbe Health Concerns

Being a cross breed lessens the beagle Labrador’s chances of developing some of the ailments that are more common to its parents. Hip dysplasia is frequently seen in both beagles and labs, as is epilepsy. Eye diseases are another routine worry. Accordingly, these are the most likely diseases to be seen in a labbe.

However, not every member of the beagle-Labrador mixed breed will share these concerns. If you are working with a breeder, then it makes sense to learn as much as you can about your pup’s parents. Their health history can clue you into problems to be on the lookout for in your own dog. If you rescued your labbe, then it pays to be extra vigilant about proper feeding and veterinary care.

What To Feed a Beagle Labrador Mix

The labbe is not known as a finicky eater, nor do they tend to have issues with a sensitive stomach. Nonetheless, it is important to bear in mind their tendency to be overweight. This means that it’s not a good idea to offer a food reward for every task completed or job well done.

Most people feed their beagle-Labrador mix two or three times per day. Their total need for dry kibble is between one and a half and two and a half cups per day. You may need to scale your pup’s intake up or down depending upon his size and the level of activity he enjoys.

Try to find a dry food that offers a solid amount of protein and is low in fat to help your pup with the battle of the bulge. Chicken fat, beef fat, sunflower oil and flax oil are all positive fat sources that will benefit your dog’s overall health and well-being.

The Cost of Owning a Labbe

It’s not unusual to see these “designer” puppies going for anywhere from $900 to $1,000 depending upon your geographic location. Typically, the pup’s parents are AKC dogs, which certainly helps to support that price. Although the labbe is a relatively “new” mixed breed, you may come across one of them in your local shelter for a much lower price. They may not be puppies any more, but these dogs can still be loving, loyal additions to your household.

Of course, the initial expense of buying a beagle-Labrador mix is just the beginning. Your pup will also need food, training, and visits to the vet. A bed, kennel, and toys are other common accessories. Any dog could develop health concerns or be injured, which leads many owners to purchase pet insurance, for which monthly premiums must be paid. It’s wise to consider all of these potential expenses before opening your home to any dog.

Most members of the beagle-Labrador mix family are sweet, gentle and fun loving. Their curiosity and intelligence make them interesting companions while their high energy means that they bring a welcome level of enthusiasm to the family. An occasional stubborn streak can make them slightly difficult to train for people who have little or no experience with puppies. Accordingly, early, firm training is essential. This is a minor potential drawback in what is a generally wonderful dog that will protect your family and property while also offering a lifetime of warmth and affection.

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