Best Dog Food for Maltese Dogs

If you have a Maltese, then you know what a fun and lovable companion these pups can be. Many Maltese parents have noted that these dogs love to be spoiled. In fact, they naturally expect the best that life has to offer.

This means that many Maltese owners strive to feed their pups the best possible food. Choosing the best dog food for Maltese should be done with care. This is a toy breed, so it’s quite easy for them to become overweight. Moreover, Maltese are subject to a number of health conditions that may be prevented or ameliorated with good nutrition. Keeping these facts in mind when choosing a dog food is wise for anyone who lives with a Maltese.

The good news is that Maltese are very small dogs. This means that they don’t need huge portions at mealtimes. Accordingly, it can take quite a bit of time to get through just one bag of dog food. This just means that Maltese owners can afford to get the better quality food that their demanding pup deserves.

Adult male and female Maltese weigh about five pounds, though eight-pound males are not unheard of and neither are three-pound females. This variance in size may make it necessary to consult with your veterinarian regarding precisely how much food your pup should be getting. This is an important consideration because it is extraordinarily easy to overfeed such a tiny dog, and this can lead to disastrous health problems.

The average Maltese requires about 200 calories per day for optimum weight and health. If your dog is older, then their calorie requirements are probably diminished to about 165 per day. Pet experts typically recommend that the best dog food for Maltese contains at least 25 percent protein. In fact, some devotees of the breed suggest that it’s a good idea to look for a food that contains a bit more protein than 25 percent. That’s because of the Maltese tendency toward weight gain.

You can tell that your Maltese has taken on some extra weight by feeling for his ribs. If you have to do some probing to feel them, then he’s too chubby, and you know it’s time to find a leaner, more healthful dog food that contains a higher proportion of protein.


It’s also important to get a dog food that has a complex carbohydrate component. Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not carnivores. They actually need carbohydrates as part of a balanced, healthy diet. Cheap, common foods often rely on corn as the carbohydrate source. In fact, many of the most familiar, brand-name dog foods actually rely on corn as their main ingredient. This is a huge problem for little dogs like the Maltese. Not only does corn not offer adequate nutrition, but also it can be responsible for a lot of weight gain. Look for a complex carbohydrate source like sweet potatoes, oats, barley or rice. Some of these may cause digestion issues for your pup, so some trial and error may be required before you find a carbohydrate that doesn’t upset your dog’s system.

Fats are also essential to the health of your Maltese. This particular breed is frequently recognized for possessing long, silky hair. It takes visits to the groomer to keep that coat looking fantastic. However, it is also necessary to ensure that your pup is getting the right kind of fat in her diet. That means finding a food that is loaded with items like flax and fish. These ingredients have omega fatty acids, which are essential to your dog growing a long, healthy coat of hair. It also keeps her skin healthy and may minimize her tendency to scratch herself.

Like many other breeds, Maltese are susceptible to a few serious medical conditions. Certain ingredients in your dog’s food may help prevent or at least limit your dog’s chances for developing these problems. This breed typically enjoys a long life span. Accordingly, it’s not unusual for them to develop eye issues later in their lives. Orange vegetables, like carrots, contain a substance called beta-carotene. This important nutrient can help to stave off eye problems, though these issues are all-but-inevitable as the Maltese advances toward the end of their approximately 20-year lifespan.

The same is true for “slipped knees,” which is another common ailment in the Maltese breed. To help protect your pup from developing this condition, look for a food that includes glucosamine. This nutrient helps to ensure healthy joints, though it cannot necessarily guarantee that your dog will never suffer from slipped knees.

Best Dog Food for Maltese Dogs

The products listed below are considered to be among the best dog food for Maltese. Any of them could be a smart, healthy choice for your pup. When introducing new food to your dog, do so slowly. Sudden dietary changes may have an adverse effect on your pooch’s digestive system. Instead of introducing a new food all at once, begin mixing in a small amount with your dog’s usual food on a daily basis. Gradually change the mixture until your pup is getting more of the new food than the old food. Eventually, you will only be serving the new food. This will also give you an opportunity to observe your dog’s reaction to the new food so you can check for any allergies or other issues.

Here are some of the most highly recommended dog foods for the Maltese breed.

Halo Spot’s Stew Wholesome Chicken Recipe for Toy & Small Breed

The slogan for the Halo brand is “Purely for Pets,” and the products they offer certainly seem to bear out that promise. This particular variety has the smaller sized kibble that is ideal for a toy breed like the Maltese. Additionally, what’s in the kibble is beyond reproach. The first few ingredients in the list are chicken, eggs, pea protein and oats. Pet parents can rest assured that any meat found in the recipe is butcher quality. Moreover, there is no rendered meat or meal. Vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients are present in abundance. Other notable ingredients include sweet potatoes, salmon, flaxseed, blueberries, apples, green beans, chicken liver and carrots. With a protein content of about 28 percent, this food is certain to please even the most discriminating Maltese owner.

Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Adult Deboned Turkey and Oatmeal Recipe

Wellness specializes in using whole foods in all of its recipes, and this one is no exception. The formula is designed to support the higher energy needs of little dogs like the Maltese while also keeping in mind their tendency toward easy weight gain. If your pup has any digestive issues, then this may be the ideal food. It’s packed with microorganisms that help to support a dog’s digestive health, and the kibble is appropriately sized for a toy breed. Moreover, the microorganisms in the food ensure that your dog’s body absorbs more nutrients than it loses. The ingredient list begins with many trusted protein sources like turkey, chicken meal and salmon meal. For carbohydrates, it boasts oatmeal, brown rice, barley and rye flour. The list also includes a promising rainbow of fruits and vegetables while also ensuring that your precious Maltese gets all of the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that he needs for a healthy skin and coat. With a protein content of about 28 percent, it’s easy to see why many Maltese parents choose Wellness over other brands.

Fromm Small Breed Adult Gold

This food from the Fromm family features a wonderful list of ingredients that begins with duck, chicken meal, chicken and oatmeal. Other notable ingredients include pearled barley and brown rice, which tend to be very good, slow burning choices for carbohydrates. Whole eggs, salmon oil, lamb and a host of vegetables are also present. Fromm specializes in providing natural foods without preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. They also add probiotics, which just might help your Maltese avoid digestive issues. Protein is present at 26 percent with fat at 17 percent. This ensures an appropriate mix to keep your pup lean and healthy while also ensuring the good condition of her skin and coat.

Earthborn Holistic Small Breed Dog Food

Earthborn Holistic products are an excellent choice for people who want to feed their dogs an all-natural food. You won’t find anything artificial in this recipe, and the kibble is perfectly sized for your petite pup. Earthborn takes all of the special needs of small breeds into consideration with this formula. You’ll find support for energy levels, lean protein so your dog won’t put on too much weight and a particularly good mix of useful nutrients. This recipe includes premium protein sources like a chicken meal and whitefish meal as well as L-carnitine, which assists with the process of turning body fat into energy and muscle, meaning that your dog stays leaner throughout her lifetime. Potatoes and sweet potatoes provide the carbohydrates, and Earthborn doesn’t skimp on wonderful produce like cranberries, apples, spinach and peas. With a crude protein content of 28 percent, this is an excellent choice for your Maltese.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe for Small Breed Adult Dogs

Another all-natural product that pet parents can be proud to serve to their canine companions, this offering from Blue Buffalo packs a serious nutritional punch. Deboned chicken is the main ingredient with other protein sources including chicken meal and fish meal. Carbohydrate sources include brown rice, barley, oatmeal, and potatoes. As with many Blue Buffalo recipes, this one also includes an amazing list of produce. These fruits and vegetables include pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, blackberries, spinach, pomegranate, apples and more. If you’re looking for a food that will keep your favorite dog healthy over the long haul, then this one might be an ideal choice.

You can’t be too picky when it comes to feeding your Maltese. With their small size, high energy levels and long life spans, it’s important to feed these pups a very particular diet. Any of the foods mentioned here are wonderful examples of the kinds of meals your Maltese should receive on a daily basis.

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