What Are the Best Pit Bull Toys?

Anyone who has ever lived with a pit bull knows how much they love their toys and how hard they can be on them. Give your pit bull a cute, stuffed kitty, and it will be reduced to a pile of fluff in seconds. The answer isn’t to stop buying your pup toys. Instead, it’s better to find pit bull toys that are designed to withstand the onslaught of aggressive chewing and enthusiastic play that it is likely to be subjected to.

Pit bull toys are an important component of your dog’s health and well-being. They provide entertainment and mental engagement. A good toy is an opportunity to strengthen the bond between person and pup while also making some really meaningful memories. Mental challenges are presented by certain toys where the dog has to work to get at the peanut butter or other treat inside. Some toys even help your dog have a cleaner, healthier mouth, and that’s something that any pit bull lover can support.

The toys listed here are all designed to withstand the playful efforts of even the most determined chewer, which certainly describes the temperament of many pit bulls. No matter which specific toys you ultimately decide to buy, keep a few helpful guidelines in mind. In general, plush toys and pit bulls don’t go together. These playthings just aren’t sturdy enough to last for even a single play session. Your pit bull will chew it up, spit it out and then look to you for the next toy. That gets expensive and frustrating in a hurry.

More durable toys are really what’s needed for pit bulls. Frequently, rubber toys fit the bill. Whether it’s in the shape of a stick, ball or something else, rubber is pretty tough to destroy even when your dog works really hard at it. Many rubber toys have a smooth surface. To engage your dog even more, look for toys that have interesting textures like grooves or nubs, which are really fun for your pooch to explore with her mouth. Add even more interest by getting a rubber toy that can be filled with food. This appeals to your dog’s strong senses of smell and taste. She could easily be entertained for hours as she tries to get at her favorite snack.

Ropes are another wonderful toy for pit bulls. Ropes may not last quite as long as rubber toys, but many dogs absolutely love a game of tug-of-war with a favorite rope. You might catch them chewing on it all by themselves or enjoying a game with a furry friend. Either way, a rope is all but guaranteed fun for a pit bull. These toys have an added benefit of working like floss on your dog’s teeth. The fibers in the rope are really good at getting in between teeth and up to the gum line, which is positive news for your pup’s oral health. Another reason that dogs love rope toys is because they are absorbent. This means that they are able to take on a wealth of smells, something that always appeals to curious pit bulls. Rope toys are often machine washable, making them a good choice for pet owners who like to keep their houses clean and ensure that their pets have hygienic toys to play with.

If you’re really concerned about the health of your pit bull’s mouth, consider picking up some dental chew toys. Make sure that they aren’t too small or too soft because they won’t last long enough for your chewing-machine of a dog to be of much benefit to their oral health. A solid, long-lasting dental chew toy can go the distance, entertaining your dog while also warding off tooth decay.

Safety is always a consideration when you’re choosing toys for your best friend. Flimsy toys that your pit bull can destroy in minutes can be bad news if your pup swallows too much of the toy. These can be a choking hazard or may ultimately cause an intestinal blockage. The size of the toy matters too. If it’s too small, then your pit bull could accidentally swallow it, again posing a potential health hazard. Be on the lookout for sharp edges and jagged sides that could cut into your dog’s mouth. Soft, rounded corners are always best.

1. Goughnuts Black Maxx Rubber Dog Ring

This pit bull toy might be a bit expensive, but it stands up to even the most extreme chewers. It’s a simple, black, rubber ring that’s about as tough as any dog toy can be. With a size and shape that are ideal for picking up and carrying around, this toy is a winner with every pit bull. It’s capable of floating, which is a nice extra if your pup likes to play in the lake or the pool. Another wonderful feature is the red rubber center of the toy. The red rubber lies below the thick outer surface of black rubber, indicating when it’s time to replace the Goughnut. Perhaps the best news of all is that the company guarantees all of their toys. When the red ring starts showing through, simply send it back to the manufacturer with enough money to cover return shipping on a replacement.

2. Booda Super 8 Tug

Whether your pit bull is playing with you or another dog, he is bound to love the Booda Super 8 Tug. Formed from a super-durable rope in a figure eight, the toy features a reinforced plastic cross in the center to provide even more durability. Any dog who is enthusiastic about tug-of-war will want to play with this toy every day. What your dog doesn’t know is that by playing with this toy he is also cleaning his mouth. His gums get flossed when he bites down, and that’s a great way to help prevent dental disease. This means that this toy is not just fun, it’s good for your dog too.

3. Zogoflex Tux

This tough toy does it all. It floats, bounces and has a convenient hidey-hole for treats. It’s non-toxic and pliable, so you won’t have to worry about your pooch’s health or safety when he’s playing with his Tux. Best of all, it’s dishwasher safe. That means you can always be sure that it’s clean and ready to go for the next round of play. It’s unique, three-prong design makes it interesting for your dog to play with from any angle. Most pups love chewing on it for hours on end, especially when they are rewarded with peanut butter inside the toy. Many dog owners have said that their dog hasn’t been able to destroy this toy even after one year of fun.

4. KONG Extreme Ball

Most people who have dogs that are aggressive chewers are already familiar with KONG toys. If you haven’t gotten a KONG for your pup before, then give it a shot. The KONG Extreme Ball just might succeed where other toys have failed. At approximately the size of a tennis ball, this toy is perfect for a rousing game of fetch. The ball bounces, but be careful if you’re playing near the water because it doesn’t float. While the ball is puncture resistant, it does have a hole drilled through to the center. This gives you a handy spot where you can hide your dog’s favorite treat, making this KONG even more fascinating to him.

5. Unbreakoball

This made-in-the-USA toy is so tough and indestructible that the company guarantees it for life. If your dog does manage to destroy it, then the manufacturer will replace it. The Unbreakoball is available in two diameters: six-inch and ten-inch. That sounds pretty big, but it just means that this toy isn’t a choking hazard. Several holes are drilled into the ball at regular intervals, making it easy for your dog to chew on and grip. It can be the perfect accessory for fetch as it is comfortable for your dog to carry and easy for you to throw. The ball floats, so it’s perfectly all right to play in and around the water. Made from non-toxic, polyethylene plastic, this toy is so difficult to break that it’s safe for your pet to play with for months or years on end. The Unbreakoball has even survived being played with by tigers, so you can imagine that it would be pretty hard for your pup to destroy it.

6. Tuffy Toys

Normally, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to give a pit bull a soft toy. However, Tuffy has designed a line of soft toys that can stand up to a serious chewer at least for a few days or weeks. Let’s face it, some dogs just prefer a soft toy, at least occasionally. The difference with Tuffy Toys is how they are put together and the materials that are used. Tuffy Toys are made from fabrics that you’d normally see used on luggage, so you know they are pretty durable. Most of these toys feature about four layers of this fabric and an extremely strong thread is used to construct each toy, and each seam features between three and seven rows of stitches to ensure better durability. Some of these toys include a squeaker, which can be a major plus for many dogs. Fortunately, it’s located within a safety pouch to make it really tough for your pup to get to it. If you’re keeping an eye on your pit bull while she’s playing, you’ll easily see when it’s time to take the toy away.

Pick up any of these pit bull toys, and your pup is guaranteed to enjoy hours of non-stop fun.

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