Best Retractable Dog Leashes

The daily walk is a highlight for most dogs and their owners. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and exercise together. Plus, it helps your pup keep off the excess weight that can pile on from being too sedentary.

To get the most out of your walk, you’ll want to choose the right leash. Many owners are drawn to retractable leashes because they offer a number of advantages. Most of these leashes have a sturdy handle that’s easy to hold on to. Best of all, the length of the leash is adjustable, so your dog has more freedom to wander around, sniffing everything to his heart’s content. Just as importantly, the ability of these leashes to extend can be limited by the human in situations where it’s necessary to keep your dog closer by your side.

Many people prefer retractable leashes because they are a gentler way to control their pup. A great deal of force is not required with these leashes. Moreover, these leashes let you maintain control of your dog even while he is free to wander farther afield. The result is a more pleasurable experience for both of you.

Not all retractable leashes are created equal, which is why we have reviewed several models. Take a look at these reviews of the best retractable dog leashes to find the ideal one for you and your pup.

1. Flexi Neon Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leashes
This retractable leash is 16 feet long and is available in sizes small through large, depending upon the weight of your dog. Dogs up to 26 pounds can easily be handled with the small size, while the medium is perfect for pups up to 44 pounds. Dogs weighing as much as 110 pounds will require the large size. The entire length of the leash is reflective so that it’s a safe choice in the dark or in other poor visibility conditions. In fact, this leash is easy to spot at even 160 yards. It’s easy to set the brake button with one hand, and the lightweight design makes it a cinch to use. The unroll and retraction of the leash is smooth so that the human’s arm doesn’t experience too much force, and neither does the dog’s neck. Perhaps more importantly, this leash is a tape rather than a cord. This means that it’s thicker and not so likely to get tangled. If you decide to buy this leash, pay particular attention to the weight restrictions. If your dog is on the border between one size and the next, go up a size to ensure durability.

2. Cloud 9 Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

This one-size-fits-all model comes in either red or blue and is suitable for dogs weighing up to 110 pounds. The lease itself is a nylon ribbon that is half an inch thick. It’s light enough so that small dogs can use it without injury, yet still durable enough to withstand the strain of a 110 pound dog that likes to pull. Because the leash is a flat tape, it’s far less likely that your pup will be able to chew through it. The sturdy handle has an ergonomic design so that you won’t have trouble holding on even if your pup lunges at a squirrel. You can control the length of the leash with the push of a single button. These retractable dog leashes feature a feeder that’s designed to prevent tangling and can extend to a maximum of 16 feet. However, some users have noted that the hand grip is a bit too small, especially for people who are wearing gloves. It may also be useful to note that this leash is not coated with reflective material.

3. TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash

This is another model where the leash is a 16 foot long tape made of nylon. With a particularly strong spring for retracting, users love that they have total control over their pup’s whereabouts. A simple lever mechanism is used to reel in the leash. It’s possible to repeatedly activate and release the lever to prevent yanking on your dog. The anti-slip handle is a nice touch, and so is the ergonomic design of the grip. A one-touch brake makes it simple to control how far your dog wanders. Like the Cloud 9 model, this one is designed for dogs of all sizes, up to 110 pounds. Some users have noted that they had difficulty operating the brake with one finger because it was too stiff, so keep this in mind.

4. Flexi Giant XL Retractable Dog Leash

If your pup is particularly large or just really loves to pull and be active during a walk, then this might be the retractable dog leash for you. This extraordinarily robust model features a 26 foot length of tape that gives your pet tons of freedom. Nonetheless, you maintain control thanks to the soft, ergonomic handle and the one-button control of the brake. The wide belt is extremely stable, allowing for smooth rolling out and retraction. This is one of the rare retractable dog leashes that does not have a weight limit. No matter what size your dog is, he can be safely handled with this leash. However, this model is heavier than others on this list as well as costing quite a bit more, things you might like to consider before making a purchase.

5. Cool-Shop Retractable Dog Leash With Flashlight

Although it is not reflective, this retractable leash is still designed to keep your pet safe. That’s because it comes with a detachable LED flashlight. You can keep the flashlight attached to the leash handle where it can provide useful illumination in low light and poor visibility conditions. The light is incredibly bright and, when necessary, you can quickly and easily detach it to throw light wherever it is needed. Additionally, this is a strong, durable retractable leash. The tape design is safe to use and won’t get tangled. It can be securely locked with the touch of a button. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the handle on this product is less ergonomically designed than others.

6. Happydogz Retractable Dog Leash

This is another model that is suitable for dogs of any size and weight. Even pets that love to jump, lunge and run won’t be able to give this retractable leash any problems. Instant retraction makes it quite easy to control even an unruly, reluctant pet without unnecessary force. The 16 feet of length is sufficient to provide freedom, but still keep your pup well within sight. With a flat nylon lead, this leash is safe to use and difficult for your pup to chew through. It also retracts smoothly and won’t get tangled even with punishing use. Each Happydogz retractable dog leash comes with a 10 year guarantee and a dog-walking e-book. Some users have cited that the clip on this leash is a bit too small, which makes it difficult to operate.

Any of these retractable dog leashes deserves a spot on this list for their durability and the quality of their manufacturing. There is something here for dogs of every size and weight, including those that really love to tug and pull during a walk. Retractable leashes that feature cords were deliberately left out of the reviews because they pose a known safety hazard to people, pets and property. However, the models that are listed here do not carry a similar threat, and they should be wise choices even for the most enthusiastic of pups.

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