Golden Retriever Husky Mix

The golden retriever husky mix, often referred to simply as the “Goberian,” is an active, intelligent and faithful companion. As a medium- to large-breed dog, most will live for between 10 and 15 years. These adorable pups enjoy working, but they also love hanging out with their family. As pets go, any member of this breed would make an excellent addition to any household.

Goberian Size and Appearance

Most members of the golden retriever husky mix family are between 20 and 24 inches tall and weigh between 35 and 80 pounds. It isn’t always easy to tell just how big one of these puppies will grow to be, so if you really want to avoid large breeds, then this may not be the dog for you.

The Goberian has a dense, double coat that is typically long and straight, though it’s not too unusual to see some members of the breed with wavy hair. This coat offers excellent insulation and protection in cold weather, so these dogs are ideally suited to wintry climates. They can still thrive in warmer areas too, but it’s important to take care when temperatures soar. Most often, these dogs have the distinctive blue eyes of the Siberian husky. The body shape is frequently like that of the golden retriever while the tail and legs are more like the husky’s. Goberians come in all sorts of colors from golden and brown to gray, black and white.

Golden Retriever Husky Mix Personality

This friendly, outgoing dog likes to be social. His ideal situation would have him socializing with people, pets and other animals on a regular basis rather than spending long hours on his own. If it’s not possible to have your goberian with you most of the time, then you may want to consider a doggy daycare where he can get the socialization and activity that he craves.

Most goberians are gentle like golden retrievers but have the eagerness for challenges like the husky. They tend to be intelligent, but they can also be stubborn and determined to do things their way. This makes early, proper training imperative. Their enthusiasm for pleasing their people usually makes this a relatively easy process. With an extreme sense of loyalty, these pups can be excellent watchdogs. If you’re looking for an affectionate and attentive companion, then you’ve definitely found your breed.

Activity Level and Exercise

Both the golden retriever and the Siberian husky are considered working breeds. As you might expect, a breed that is a mix of these two dogs results in a pretty active dog. If you want a dog to participate in weight pulling, hunting, sighting, agility or sledding events, then you’ll be pleased with this mix. These dogs love to be busy, and they adore pleasing their people. Participating in these and other events definitely makes their day.

Even if your goberian doesn’t hunt or pull sleds, she can still be active. Going for hikes, runs and walks is always fun. So is playing with toys in the backyard or indulging in a long game of fetch or frisbee. Most members of the breed need a solid 60 minutes of exercise every day. Accordingly, it’s advisable to only take on one of these dogs if you have a substantial backyard or a park that is very nearby. Apartment living in general is less than ideal for the goberian. If he doesn’t have an adequate outlet for his excess energy, he may turn to negative behaviors that won’t be fun for him or for you. Additionally, if this breed doesn’t get enough exercise, they have an unhealthy tendency to put on weight. This means a shortened life span and considerable veterinary bills. An active regimen of daily exercise easily prevents this situation.

Goberian Training

Without a doubt, this is an extremely intelligent mixed breed. These dogs also tend to have a stubborn, independent streak. Accordingly, early training with a firm hand is required.

The ease with which a goberian can be trained depends largely on whether their personality is dominated by their husky side or their golden retriever side. Goberians who exhibit mainly husky traits are much more likely to test the owner’s dominance. They also tend to be more stubborn and independent, which can create challenges. This means that the golden retriever husky mix isn’t always the best choice for the first-time dog owner.

Goberians who lean more toward the personality of the golden retriever are more eager to please and less stubborn. This makes the training process much easier.

The good news is that whether the husky or the retriever is dominant, these dogs are smart, which means they can learn quickly. Firmness is required, as is a system of positive rewards. Start training early when the dog is still a puppy for best results. Socialization with other dogs and people may also be critical to ensuring that your pet grows up able to have healthy interactions with the world.

Where Does the Goberian Come From?

While the origins of many purebred dogs is lost to the centuries, the more recent genesis of the golden retriever husky mix is just as hazy. Most experts suggest that the mixed breed has only been around for about the last decade or so, though no one can pinpoint a breeder who first decided to try mixing a golden retriever with a Siberian husky. A general consensus suggests that someone was trying to achieve a dog that had the husky’s distinctive blue eyes and the shiny, honey-hued coat of the golden retriever. While some members of the mixed breed have precisely these characteristics, others do not.

To achieve a goberian puppy, the sire is typically a husky while the dam is a golden retriever. Frequently, the parents are both AKC purebreds. Not many breeders are specializing in goberians at this point, making them a relatively rare dog. However, their good looks, sunny temperament, and intelligence are likely to ensure that more of these pups will be demanded in the future.

Feeding the Golden Retriever Husky Mix

The average goberian weighs about 68 pounds and needs to consume approximately three cups of high-quality dog food every day. Dogs who are exceptionally active, such as goberians who spend their days working, may need to consume more than that while more sedentary dogs can probably thrive with less.

Veterinarians and breeders usually recommend a dry kibble because it helps to keep the teeth and gums healthy and strong. Look for a food that is high in protein, but has minimal grains or other carbohydrates. Similarly, look for quality sources of fat, which is an essential part of your dog’s diet. Chicken fat, lamb fat, flax oil, sunflower oil, salmon and sardines are all quality sources of fat for your pup. If the food doesn’t name the fat source but instead uses generic labels like “animal fat,” “vegetable oil” and “lard,” steer clear, and find a better food.

Goberian Grooming

This mixed breed’s heavy, double coat will require brushing at least twice a week. Most members of the breed don’t shed excessively, but regular brushing will keep the shedding to a minimum and keep your pup looking his best. Goberians tend to be very active and spend quite a bit of time outdoors. Frequent brushing keeps their coat cleaner, untangled and free of potential irritants. Plastic or rubber brushes are typically gentle enough to be comforting to your pet, but strong enough to get the job done. Some dogs come to love being brushed, and they may even like a brush with stiffer bristles, which may be more effective for removing loose hairs.

Health Concerns for the Goberian

This mixed breed is generally healthy. Nonetheless, it is prone to certain health conditions that are seen in its parents. Hip dysplasia is relatively common, so it’s advisable to be on the lookout for this and to ensure joint health with a proper diet from a young age. Other health concerns can include eye and heart problems and Von Willebrand’s Disease.

How Much Do Golden Retriever Husky Mix Dogs Cost?

The relative rarity of the Goberian makes this a fairly expensive dog to purchase from a breeder. Average costs for buying a Goberian from a breeder hover around $1,500. Accordingly, this is not a dog for an uncertain buyer. On rare occasions, a Goberian can be found at an animal shelter, where the costs of owning this dog could be approximately $175. Considering how expensive these dogs are and how determined people are to own them, prospective owners should not expect to find one of these pups at the local shelter.

New owners are likely to spend an additional $400 to $500 on initial expenses like a leash, food and water bowls and a bed. It’s important to take the pup to the vet for a comprehensive checkup, vaccinations and microchipping.

Annual costs to own this dog include veterinary and insurance expenses of between $400 and $600 in addition to food, treats, training and grooming costs of about $900 to $1000.

The golden retriever husky mix can be a wonderful addition to any household. This loyal, loveable companion will be an enthusiastic and protective family member. Nonetheless, this dog requires quite a bit of room to run and play and may exhibit some stubborn tendencies. With good training and adequate exercise, pet owners will have no reason to regret choosing this mixed breed.

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