How Much Do Pomskies Cost?

The Pomeranian husky, affectionately known as the pomsky, is one of the newest and most popular designer dogs. Accordingly, people who want to add a pomsky to their family are likely to pay a premium Pomeranian husky cost. This makes it essential for prospective Pomeranian husky parents to be fully aware of what they are getting into.

Although a Pomeranian husky is a relatively expensive dog, it is not a purebred. Both of its parents may very well be purebred, but their offspring are instead termed “designer,” which is a more upscale way of calling a dog a mutt. Of course, the term “mutt” frequently refers to accidental or chance breeding encounters, while a great deal of time, effort and thought is put into the breeding of every pomsky.

Most frequently the female in the pairing is the husky because it is easier for a larger dog to successfully carry a litter.

How Much Does a Pomeranian Husky Cost

Of course, the question most people want the answer to relates to the Pomeranian husky cost. As is mentioned above, this is a designer dog, and it has a price tag that goes with that cachet. The least expensive pomskies typically cost around $1,000 while it isn’t especially unusual to find pups going for upwards of $3,000. Many people who are curious about the Pomeranian husky cost get sticker shock when they hear those figures.

While some are prompted to look elsewhere for a less expensive dog, others remain determined that the pomsky is the breed for them. Before reaching a final decision, it’s important to understand more about Pomeranian husky breeders and the costs and challenges that these breeders must meet to make these designer dogs available.

The Pomeranian husky cost will almost always be higher when dealing with a reputable breeder. Simply put, breeding healthy pomskies is an art and a science, and it requires a great deal of time, money and effort.

How Much Does a Pomeranian Husky Weigh?

This is especially true because breeding dogs of such wildly different sizes is a chancy proposition. On average, Pomeranians weigh between seven and eight pounds while many huskies weigh between 30 and 50 pounds when full grown.

This means that pomskies can weigh anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds at adulthood. Accordingly, pomsky puppies may very well be too large to be carried by a female Pomeranian.

Just as the full-grown size of the pomsky is difficult to predict, so is their appearance. Color variations are common in many dog breeds, but the differences between pomskies goes well beyond being brown or white. Some pomskies look a lot like huskies while others favor Pomeranians.

After looking at some photographs and visiting some pomsky puppies at the breeder, many people decide which of the many different looks they prefer. Be aware that the more specific your requirements for your pup are, the more money you are likely to pay.

Most pomskies look a lot like miniature huskies. While the pomsky tends to be closer in size to the Pomeranian, its head and muzzle are far more likely to favor the husky. Both dogs are bred to withstand cold temperatures, and this means that the pomsky is able to do so successfully as well thanks to its heavy double coat. Both breeds also have a curved tail, which means that most pomskies will also share this characteristic.

Both dogs are bred to withstand cold temperatures, and this means that the pomsky is able to do so successfully as well thanks to its heavy double coat. Both breeds also have a curved tail, which means that most pomskies will also share this characteristic.

Personality Traits of the Pomeranian Husky

Some personality traits of the pomsky are fairly easy to predict. That’s because the husky and the Pomeranian share a few common characteristics. For instance, both breeds tend to be fun-loving and friendly. This makes them great family dogs. The pomsky definitely has this in common with its parents. It is very friendly with people and gets along quite well with children.

In fact, it excels at playing with children, and households with little kids should have no fear of bringing home one of these pups. Pomskies are playful and energetic without getting too wild. This minimizes the chances that a child would be frightened of the dog or that the dog will get so excited that the child gets hurt.

Similarly, both the husky and the Pomeranian are strong-willed breeds. This means that the pomsky tends to be pretty independent minded. Some pomsky parents might even say stubborn. This means that those who own this dog must be prepared to be diligent and consistent when it comes to training.

These dogs are typically intelligent, which certainly eases the process, but their tendency toward stubbornness might be difficult for a less strong-willed owner to deal with.


pomeranian husky cost

Pomskies are energetic dogs. They love playing in the backyard with the family and going for walks, jogs and hikes. Once you bring a pomsky home, he’ll want to be a part of every family activity. The important thing to realize is that this means pomskies don’t like to be left alone for extended periods of time.

It’s far better to bring your pup along, if at all possible, than it is to come home and find that he has chewed his way through your entire shoe collection. This is a common behavior for these highly social dogs if they are left to their own devices too much. Without the means to tell you that they are feeling neglected and unstimulated, they will resort to a behavior that is certain to gain your attention.

If you or a member of your family cannot be home for a major portion of the day or cannot take your pomsky with you when you leave the house, then this may not be the best breed choice for you. However, it may make sense to engage a dog walker who comes in a couple of times a day or to take your pup to a doggy daycare where he can have company and stimulation while you can’t be with him.

He would probably prefer to be with you, but pomskies can definitely make the most of opportunities at doggy daycares, and this alternative will certainly save your shoes, furniture, and other personal belongings from the relentless chewing caused by boredom.

How Much Does a Pomeranian Husky Shed?

It’s also important to be aware that this is a breed that sheds copiously. Those who are familiar with both huskies and Pomeranians probably know that both of these dogs are recognized shedders. It’s not too shocking then that their offspring would have the same tendency. Many pomsky parents just accept dog hair as a fact of life. Others choose to fight it as much as they can with daily brushing.

This is an effective means of collecting loose dog hair before it has a chance to end up on the floor or the furniture. Your dog will also look better thanks to the regular grooming attention. Plus, brushing builds a great bond between the pet parent and the pomsky. These dogs love attention, and the brushing feels wonderful. It just might become one of your dog’s favorite events of the day.

Finding a Breeder

A breeder who cuts corners may be able to offer a discounted price, but they may not be able or willing to answer your questions or make any kind of guarantees or warranties about the pup. It isn’t always easy to spot a less-than-scrupulous breeder, but there are certain warning signs to look out for.
A breeder who is reluctant or unwilling to disclose any medical records concerning the puppy or its parents may be trying to hide something. Either one of the dogs has health issues that may be genetic or the dogs simply haven’t had the appropriate attention of a reputable vet.
Either way, it’s advisable to just walk away. Another warning sign is the refusal to accept credit cards, debit cards or checks. A breeder that will only accept cash is probably trying to ensure that there’s no paper trail, which means they may disappear once money as changed hands. If you’re dealing with a breeder over the Internet, it pays to be particularly cautious.
Is the breeder using photographs of the actual pup you’re thinking about buying or is it simply a stock photo that could have been copied from another website? This is a red flag that signals that this breeder may not be disclosing everything that he should.

Finding a reputable breeder may be as easy as contacting people who already own a pomsky. Because these dogs are designer and expensive, many people weigh this acquisition carefully. These aren’t the kind of pooches that normally end up in shelters.

Most of them are purchased directly from a breeder and remain with the same family throughout their life. This makes these pet parents an excellent resource for finding a reputable breeder.

Most pomsky owners are happy to talk about their dogs and their experience with the breeder. They may even be able to supply you with contact information and a referral to ease the way for bringing your own pup home.


A reputable breeder will be happy to welcome you into their facility. You’ll be able to interact with various pomsky puppies to find one that is a good fit for your family. Ideally, you will also be able to meet the mother and father of the pomskies.

This will be an opportunity to assess their health and temperament, which is likely to have been inherited by the litter. Of course, even puppies within the same litter can have a very different appearance and personalities, and it’s difficult to predict if a certain puppy will take after the mother or father more. A good breeder will have selected the parents very carefully, so you should have little to worry about regarding behavioral issues.

The Pomeranian husky cost may be expensive, designer dogs, but they are also a delight to have in your household. Because of the high demand for these puppies, it may make sense to get your name on a waiting list for an unborn puppy. This means that you’ll essentially have the pick of the litter when it finally does arrive.

If you’re looking for a small- to medium-sized dog that will want to join you on all of your adventures and get along well with the whole family, then a pomsky may be for you. Just be certain to work with a reputable breeder who can be trusted to deliver a healthy, happy pup

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